As the Senior UX Designer I worked with a CX Lead, a Junior UX Designer, and UI Designer to research, user test, and design (including a new UI component - the interactive 'Tracker'). I collaborated closey with the Product Owner, Business Analyst, and Solution Architect to deliver this project on time.
About the project:
Digital document acceptance allows customers to view and accept their home loan documents digitally. 
Broker customers typically had low engagement, as their first impression of the bank was through DocuSign.
The solution was to produce a branded welcome email, prompting customers to register for Internet Banking and accept their documents within, driving digital engagement. 
The research indicated a need to extend the digital document acceptance process, and create a Home Lending experience that directed customers through the process.
Working with UI and Accessiblity, I was able to build a bespoke component that met business, customer, and technical requirements. This visual application tracker contains relevant educational content at each milestone, to guide customers through the complex process of purchasing a property.
Missed Settlement dates was an issue, but by visulising the settlement countdown increased confidence for the customer, and heightened the excitment in the lead up to owning their property.
It was important to demistify bank jargon, as research showed that customers lacked transparency and understanding.

Challenges and learnings
This project was my first in the financial sector. Although at times it felt overwhelming and complex I grew and gained:
- Subject matter knowledge
- Experience working with a dedicated Accessibility team
- Designing in a highly regulated industry
- Liasing with internal legal and risk teams to ensure the compliance of the bank
- Delivering the final designs with developers in Vietnam
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